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Brunner Bluegrass is a 6 member band that enjoys to learn and share music with others. This group has been singing together since 2013.  Our genre is a mixed bag of bluegrass, gospel and country utilizing tight harmony, banjo, guitar, dobro, mandolin and bass. Our home is Souderton, PA or Southeast PA. We share our love for music in many different venues like community events, churches, camps and personal concerts. Our goal is to share the good news of Jesus through our music to the world around us.

Don Brunner resides in Souderton with his wife Carolyn.  He started out singing 4 part harmony as a young man growing up in the church and expanded that to a Men's quartet.  He learned to play the bass in the 60's which earned him a spot playing for Ken Cox and The Sunnyside.  He was challenged to learn the banjo and through much work and practice has learned how to pick the 5 string bluegrass style.  He started singing locally with his family in the 80's. Don also played with Hilltop News in the late 90's with his son Andy.  His mellow baritone and tenor vocals blend well in harmony and also carry the lead on occasion.


Andy Brunner  resides in Souderton with his wife Pam and their children Levi, Aaron and Caleb.  His love for music runs deep and roots in the many nights listening to Don sing 4 part harmony, learn the banjo and accompany him to his concerts with The Sunnyside.  He started playing guitar at the age of 14 and grew his talent as he took on the mandolin soon after.  He sang lead and played for the family in the 80's.  When he married his wife Pam she joined them and continued the tradition till current.  He also played with Hilltop News in the late 90's.  Andy's strong harmonies, bass and baritone vocals and leadership have helped carve the group into what you find today.

Travis Brunner resides in Telford with his wife Heather and their children Waylon and Elizabeth.  Travis started playing the bass when the family started singing together in the 80's and has played with to present.  His bass vocals can be heard throughout their concerts.

Pam Brunner resides in Souderton with her husband Andy and their children Levi, Aaron and Caleb.  Music has been part of her life since early on.  She grew up singing at church and school venues.  She went on to take voice in high school.  She sang and recorded with the Ensemble Singers at Eastern Mennonite University.  Her tenor harmonies and lead vocals help make up the groups unique sound.

Jerry Yoder resides in Silverdale with his wife Beth.  

Ezra Nafziger resides in Pottstown with his wife Gina and their children Suzanna, Little Ez and Olivia.

although we span almost 4 decades in age, music is both a love and a hobby for everyone in our group.  We maintain full time jobs in the blue collar world except for the Math Teacher in our midst (who taught 4 of us in high school!)  We jam every week to practice and enjoy the gift of music.

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